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Ballyhood Saltwater High Speed Trolling Lures

Manufacturer Direct Rigged ‘N Ready Saltwater Top Gun Fishing Trolling Wahoo Cowbell Lures, Cedar Plugs, Spreader Bars, Hooks & Offshore Tournament Tackle. Proven worldwide from Panama to Florida - Bahamas to New York - California to Cabo San Lucas.

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27 Tournament Wins!

Banchee Cowbell In Action!

Ballyhood Hi-speed Wahoo Lures are designed to troll fast, below the surface and attract the really big fish. All Lures come professionally "TOURNAMENT RIGGED". 32 oz Banchee (Cowbell Fishing Lure™) – 27 Tournament Wins


Unleash the thrill of the chase with Ballyhood's precision-engineered Wahoo lures, your key to offshore success in capturing the fastest predators of the ocean.