About Us

Ballyhood International stands as an industry leader in crafting superior fishing tackle. With a history steeped in dedication and innovation, we've been producing custom big game trolling lures since 1992. Our lures have notched an impressive 47 tournament victories, showcasing their unwavering reliability and performance. When you choose Ballyhood, you're choosing a legacy of excellence that's trusted by anglers worldwide. Join us in the pursuit of unforgettable fishing adventures and record-breaking catches.

Our mission

At Ballyhood International, our mission is clear—to equip anglers with the finest, tournament-ready fishing tackle that enables them to achieve fishing excellence. We're committed to designing and delivering top-quality lures that have a proven track record of landing the biggest catches. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in the pursuit of fishing greatness, providing the tools and expertise needed to turn every fishing trip into a memorable adventure.

Years of Excellence
32 years
Worldwide Tournament wins
47 wins

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